Gourhati, Tetultala

Gourhati, Tetultala

1 No. Jagadhatri Tala Lane, Bhadreswar, West Bengal 712124, India

Welcome to the webpage dedicated to the vibrant celebration of Jagadhatri Puja by Gourhati, Tetultala in Bhadreswar! As one of the 177 esteemed puja committees in our beloved city, this platform serves as a window into our annual festivities.

At Gourhati, Tetultala Sarbajanin, the commitment to tradition and community shines through in every aspect of the Jagadhatri Puja celebration. Each year, the focus is on creating a divine ambiance that honors the grace and strength of Goddess Jagadhatri while fostering a sense of unity and joy among our residents and visitors.

The pandal, a masterpiece of creativity and devotion, stands as a testament to the unwavering faith and dedication of Gourhati, Tetultala Sarbajanin. Adorned with intricate decorations and illuminated by the soft glow of lights, it serves as a sacred space where devotees gather to offer their prayers and seek the blessings of the Divine Mother.

Moreover, Gourhati, Tetultala Sarbajanin takes great pride in social initiatives aimed at making a positive impact on the lives of community members. Whether it's through charitable endeavors or eco-friendly initiatives, there is a commitment to serving the greater good and spreading joy and compassion to all.

As you navigate through this webpage, immerse yourself in the spirit of Jagadhatri Puja and experience the warmth and hospitality that define our celebration. Explore photo galleries, learn about our history and traditions, and stay updated on the latest news and events happening with Gourhati, Tetultala.

Year of Establishment: 1793
Celebrating: 232 Years
Police Station: Bhadreswar
Gourhati, TetultalaGourhati, TetultalaGourhati, TetultalaGourhati, Tetultala

Puja Schedule

Sasthi: 7th November 2024
Saptami: 8th November 2024
Astami: 9th November 2024
Nabami: 10th November 2024
Dasami: 11th November 2024
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